our mission

is to create the settings for moments that last a lifetime. we want to inspire and fill you with wonder. we believe that we can change the world one beautiful moment at a time - just like a single stone tossed into a pond - creating ripples far reaching - we believe that a single shared moment can change a day, a week, a month or even a life. we believe that there is no better time than a vacation to remind us of the importance of choosing wisely how to spend our time + energy


we are a lifestyle

Hawaii is as much a lifestyle as it is a destination. it is home to people from all over the world - many came as visitors and decided to stay - chose to slow down, relax and embrace island style living. the clock ticks differently here and daily life is determined by surfing, swimming and snorkeling. the day starts with checking incoming swells, surf reports and taking time to talk story. at the Hanalei Event Company we have made it our mission to provide both locals and travelers with inspiration and information for living beautifully, living well and living like an insider on Kauai

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we are community

the Hanalei Event Company is about people + places. we celebrate the faces behind the places and locations that we love. we seek out the authentic, unique and genuine. we connect people with artists, makers, experts, and each other. our mission is to bring everyone closer + build lifelong relationships - and create the foundation to make forever memories


we are a collaborators

every day we are inspired by the people and places that make Kauai so great and unique. as a lifestyle travel + event company - our mission is to present you with a curated collection of ideas + iteneraries. we have insider tips for you that highlight the premier sights, locations, outstanding artists, local businesses and must have experiences while you are visiting Kauai. together with these local entrepreneurs + collaborators, we share a passion for this amazing island paradise that we are so proud of to call home. all of us work together to create the settings for the moments that last a lifetime