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North Shore NikkiTours

one of our favorite places on the Garden island is the scenic North Shore - home to endless white, sandy beaches, considered the most beautiful in the Hawaiian island chain. majestic mountains, waterfalls, emerald green valleys and canyons are your backdrop as you drive on small country roads ... leading to charming beach towns and idyllic churches and unlimited picture perfect vistas. Hanalei Valley is known for it's rugged mountain ranges - lush green taro fields and waterfalls - the North Shore is also home to the Kilauea Lighthouse + Wildlife Refuge and the majority of Kauai's famous one lane bridges. the North Shore has it all


this is how it works : we love to explore from sunrise to sunset. depending on where you are staying on the island we will meet you at your hotel, cruise ship or a nearby coffee shop. as we cruise north there will be plenty of opportunities to marvel at waterfalls, mountain ranges and beaches. we will include all the top sightseeing highlights between our start location and the very end of road. we will enjoy chilled coffee, shave ice, fresh sushi, burgers, salads or delicious wraps along the way - no one will go hungry - foodies delight ! - at the end of the day we will return to our original departure location


private island guide 1/2 day ( 4 hours) - $149.00 per person + tax - minimum 2 passengers  

private island guide full day ( 8- 9 hours) - $249.00 per person + tax - minimum  2 passengers

24 hour non-refundable cancellation policy

we offer special rates for children under 16 - $ 35.00 per child + tax




below are some ideas + our most popular tours - each one can be customized. we can always add more waterfalls - botanical gardens - photo stops - temples - more beaches - light houses - chocolate tours - coffee plantations food trucks - shopping - hula shows - beach picnics - sunrises - sunsets - 

Rainbow KML island.JPG

the find your picture perfect beach tour

this is an all day trip - ideal if this is your first visit to the island 

visit all the epic beaches from Kealia to Ke'e Beach - the end of the road. this adventure starts on the east side of the island in the town of Kapaa. we will meet at Java Kai Coffee shop and start the trip north with our first stop at Kealia Beach. Kealia is a fabulous beach when the wind blows from the right direction - facing true east - it is also an amazing beach for watching the sun rise every day of the year or the moon rise on a full moon night 

between Kealia and Ke'e Beach at the end of the road, we will visit many picture perfect, breathtaking beaches - some of them truly off the beaten path. after this tour you will know for sure which beach you want to relax on in the days to come. the Northshore of Kauai is the side of the island that offers the most beautiful white sandy beaches. as we cruise north you get to see the Kilauea Lighthouse, the famous green Wailoli church, the town of Hanalei, the Hanalei Pier - Puff the Magic Dragon and so much more.

this tour is a combination of driving, short walks and several optional swims - so don't forget your camera, sunscreen, beach towels. we will have a cooler to keep the water chilled. we will stop for lunch in Kilauea or Hanalei before heading to the end of the road. no worries, there will be plenty of opportunities to enjoy chilled coffee, shave ice, fresh sushi, burgers or delicious wraps along the way - foodies delight! this tour is great for all ages and abilities



the north shore like a local tour

come play with us for a day local style. on beach cruisers or motor scooters we will start the tour in charming Hanalei - one of the coolest beach towns in the world. we will explore everything between here and the end of the road and the beginning of the Na Pali Coast. on this tour you will feel what living in a postcards truly feels like + what living in Hawaii is all about. this is how we live! this adventure includes a short walk to a breathtaking lookout on the famous Kalalau Trail - if after that you want more of the Na Pali Coast you will know how to prepare for the longer hike to Hanakopia'i Beach, the waterfalls or Kalalau Valley on another day 

the idea is simple - slow yourself down and go island style with us - we will show you beaches + vistas you would not see otherwise. and while we are exploring, you will learn everything there is to know about the North Shore of Kauai

this is an easy cruise on bicycles + we will travel the distance between towns with the bikes in our pick up truck. we will make time for a delicious picnic lunch

bring your swim suit + flip flops + beach towels + camera. Very casual attire! shorts recommended

after this tour will never wonder where to go next on Kauai. you will have access to the finest beaches + vistas including those off the beaten path

the sunrise + swim with turtles tour

this is simply the best way to start your vacation local style - 

imagine starting your day by swimming with turtles, watching a sunrise and most likely seeing the first rainbow of the day and all that before breakfast. during a long swim in the warm ocean you will feel tension melting away and you will have added a week of relaxation to your vacation. work, stress and worries simply float away for a while - making room to take a deep breath - change our perspective and therefore allow new solutions to emerge. we are not kidding - it is now a widely accepted + proven fact, that you can find answers in the most unrelated of surroundings.  

this is how most of us living in Hawaii start our day - we wake up, grab our fins and head for a swim or go surfing

after our morning swim we will head to Hanalei for a delicious breakfast before we start exploring everything the North Shore of Kauai has to offer - we will visit the Waioli Church and Mission House, famous Lumahai Beach, Tunnels Beach, the wet + dry caves, Limahuli Valley, Ke'e Beach + the Na Pali Coast. we will take a short hike on the Kalalau Trail + swim at Tunnels.

this can be a full day or a half day adventure 

upon request we can add a Stand Up Paddle Board

Hanalei sign.JPG

the hanalei pier sunset picnic tour

the Hanalei Pier is an institution! From sunrise to sunset you will find someone checking the waves - looking for surf or dropping a few lines for fish. It is a favorite local hang out for residents and tourists alike. In fact, no visit to Kauai would be complete without a visit to the pier. To many Hanalei Bay is the land of "Puff the magic dragon" - and even if Peter, Paul + Mary didn't quite refer to Hanalei in their song - this is where Puff ended up living ... and still frollicks in the sea 

starting in the late afternoon you will see pick ups parked along the shore - with tailgates facing the sunset - surf boards on their roofs - music, kids and dogs everywhere. it's a lively affair not to be missed. eventually everyone settles in to watch the sun set. making time to watch the sun go down is a ritual and part of island life 

spend the day or an afternoon with us exploring the island and then let's end the day local style - with a tailgate sunset  

this is truly an insider + local experience. great for families with kids who love riding in the back of trucks