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wether this is your first visit to Kauai or you are a returning, longtime fan - if you are looking for an unforgettable experience to explore the island, then you have come to the right place. we are fellow travelers - who have travelled around the world twice - therefore, we know how great it is to take a local tour with someone who lives in the place we are visiting. that's why we offer private "insider by local" tours. all of our tours are the ultimate in custom-sightseeing tours. the entire day is tailor-made just for you - starting with flexible departure times + pick up locations,  followed by a day filled with Kauai's hidden gems, vistas and experiences. you will explore + discover Kauai the way your best friend would share it with you - and the best of all at your own pace and on island time

to us looking is never enough - what distinguishes us from all other tour companies is that we will take you beyond "just sightseeing + touring the island". we will take you to some of the most beautiful, secluded and hidden gems on the island and combine sightseeing with "sight-doing" - not only do you get to look at the picture perfect places, you get to step into them and play. it could be a barefoot walk, a short hike, a swim, snorkeling or stand up paddling, a delicious picnic or a family photo session

transportation is provided in a white 2013 Jeep Sahara - ideal for 3 adult passengers or 2 adults + 2 kids. upon request a larger SUV vehicle is available 

come and spend a day with us + let's dive deep into Kauai

this is how it works - ideally you book a tour with us at the beginning of your vacation - so that we can give you a great introduction to the island - introduce you to our local customs + tell you about the driving etiquette for Kauai's one lane bridges. we will fill you with ideas of places to go + things to do in the days to come. all of our itineraries are custom made and tailored to your wishes, interest and needs. when you are booking your tour we will find out from you what it is that you are hoping to see + experience. based on that we will decide on the perfect time to start + places to go 

meeting location - we will meet you at your hotel, your cruise ship or a nearby coffee shop. your tour will begin the moment you meet us - because there is something to discover every step of the way. at the end of the day we will return to our original departure location

what's included - your private island tour guide, chilled bottled water, snacks + luxury picnic table set up ( food is not included)

additional expenses - lunch, dinner, admission costs, personal expenses

what to bring - we highly recommend that you pack a beach bag with your swim suit, snorkel gear, beach towels, sun screen, hats and your camera, sneakers + flip flops 

what to wear - we highly recommend casual attire + sun protection

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