taste of kauai meets the flavor of sunshine


cook with a local chef - a truly unique and amazing way to enjoy a gourmet dinner while learning about the island's must see + do places. the idea is simple. spend an afternoon with us in our gourmet kitchen + together we will prepare a delicious tropical, pacific rim infused dinner. the afternoon begins at the local farmers market. next stop will be the famous Hanalei Fish Market, where we will pick up the freshest catch of the day. together we will prepare dinner in our ocean view gourmet kitchen on Queen Emmas Bluff. followed by a shared meal where the conversation will be centered around insider island information. ambience + style guaranteed. it's like having dinner with your best friend who happens to live in paradise. you will leave with the best ideas on where to go and what to do + a delicious recipe, so that you can always create the taste of Hawaii in your own kitchen in the years to come. after an evening with us you will never wonder where to go next on Kauai. upon request we can also cook in your kitchen.

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shop local farmer markets

living on an island with endless summers shopping local + organic + fresh comes naturally. we have been living + enjoying farm to table for years. together we will explore the seasonal fruits and veggies and pick the freshest ingredients for tonight's dinner. our menu will unfold as we shop. on the way home we will stop at the Hanalei Fish Market and pick the freshest catch of the day. caught in the morning - served tonight

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cook together

together we will prepare a delicious pacific rim tropical dinner. you will learn to prepare it all - imagine...

seasonal market greens with a homemade mango or papaya dressing

wasabi mashed potatoes

hanalei catch of the day - crusted with a pacific rim asian sauce slowly baked to perfection

and for dessert - oh, we will see

Aqua Dishes close up.jpg

eat + gather + learn

imagine sitting down for dinner with your best friend who happens to live in paradise. we will answer any questions you might have and provide you with the best insider island information. not only will you learn where to go - but more importantly when - as with everything in life timing is everything!


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Rates: $ 100.00 per person - ideal for 2 - 6 guests ( minimum 2 )                                                                                                            

included: all market fresh ingredients - alcoholic beverages not included - still + sparkling water will be provided - please bring your own alcoholic beverage of choice.

Cancellation Policy: