frequently asked questions

we are thrilled that you are considering booking a private island tour with us and we look forward to meeting you - we understand that you might have some questions and we are happy to answer all of them - please give us a call or e-mail us - below are some of the most commonly asked questions

this is how it works - ideally you book your tour with us at the beginning of your vacation - so that we can give you a great introduction to the island - which will enhance your stay in the days to come. at the time of your booking we will find out from you what it is that you are hoping to see + experience. based on that we will decide on the perfect time to depart + the best places to go. some tours start at sunrise - some later in the morning.

meeting location - your island guide will meet you at your hotel, vacation rental, cruise ship or a nearby coffee shop. your tour will begin the moment you step outside - because there is something to discover every step of the way. at the end of the day we will return to our original departure location. there will be plenty of opportunities to enjoy chilled coffee, shave ice, fresh sushi, burgers, salads or delicious wraps along the way - no one will go hungry - foodies delight !

what's included - private island tour guide, bottled water, cooler, picnic set up (food excluded)

additional expenses - lunch, dinner, admission costs, personal expenses

what to bring - we highly recommend that you pack a beach bag with your swim suit, snorkel, beach towels, sun screen, hats and your camera 

what to wear - we highly recommend casual attire and both - flip flops and sneakers

Sunrise Kealia Beach 

Sunrise Kealia Beach 

when is the best time to book a tour?

we believe that the best time to book a tour with us is at the very beginning of your vacation. spending a day with us will not only give you an overall idea of the lay of the land (in a fashion that no guide book can match), but it will also fill you with ideas of things to do in the days to come

it will allow you to make the most out of your stay here n Kauai ... exploring on your own will be so much more comfortable, enjoyable and productive after you sepent a day with us

there are so many hidden gems this island has to offer - and we want you to see, feel + expereince all of them. so much about visiting here is about timing. we will share with you our tips on the perfect time for each place - this guarantees that you will see Kauai in it's full splendor. on Kauai - timing is everything!

oh ... and if this is not your first visit to Kauai then we will still be able to surprise you!

we frequently give tours to local residents, people who have been visiting or living here for years - and so often we hear from them: "we had no idea that this place existed"


why should we book a private tour instead of a bus tour?

a private tour offers so much more flexibility and customization - there is no waiting for others - no set schedule and no "cattle herding" - we move as fast or as slow as you desire.

on a private tour the entire day is build around you, it also allows us to adjust for weather - we can finetune as we go and get to places when the timing is perfect to see them. we are able to add spontaneous detours - the ones off the beaten path.

our motto is "when you chase rainbows you never know were road may lead - we like to be surprised"

note to all cruise ship vistors - if you only have 48 hours on this island - then a private tour with us is the best + only way to maximize your time in paradise

2013 Jeep Sahara

2013 Jeep Sahara

Sunrise Northshore

Sunrise Northshore

what about weather ?

we love Kauai and it's unpredictable, refreshing weather. what we have learned in our 26 years of living here is - that rain or shine you have to go out and explore - because we know for certain that there is something beautiful and unique to be found + seen

when it rains it will be rainbows and waterfalls - when it's sunny some of the vistas you get to see will take your breath away - our private tours take place rain or shine

what is so special about Kauai is that it can pour on one side of the street and it will be dry and sunny just around the corner ... we believe that sometimes you just have to go and make your own sunshine