ideas for an unforgettable evening with family + friends

let us turn your backyard into an unforgettable gathering place...


small events: we love making things special and turning an ordinary evening into an extraordinary gathering for you, your family and friends. it doesn't have to be a birthday party (but, we love those too) - it could be any day of the week - instead of another night in front of the TV - let's spend some quality time together

turn dinner into a picnic - move the table outside and hang a chandelier from the trees. you will be surprised by the love and joy an evening like this brings. it is time to slow yourself down and enjoy the simple things in life. let us stop by and set it up for you. we will be your creative inspiration for this casual event. consider us your muse + inspiration - we use what you have and make it spectacular - we can go as big or small as you want - regardless of the size of your party - we promise it to be be beautiful + memorable

Rates: $250.00 + up



big events: we love to celebrate and to create unforgettable settings for a party - in Germany we call this Feier Laune ... translated it means celebration mood - regardless of the occasion - we would love to plan your party + event every step of the way - from the moment you have the idea, to the day you celebrate - we can assist - with thoughtful ideas - curated designs and impeccable detail 

we know how much work goes into an event - especially a flawless one - we can handle all or just a small portion of the details - let us organize + manage the logistics of your day, so that you can be a guest at your own party.

Rates: all events are tailored to your wishes and budget - pricing upon request