silicon valley + the future



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Silicon Valley + Stanford + the future

Silicon Valley is located less than one hour south from San Francisco. take Hwy 280 south towards San Jose - exit at Palo Alto - Stanford University. on University Avenue in Palo Alto you will meet the future - this is a day trip from San Francisco:

Beam Store at 425 University Ave. this store provides a fun way to experience the Beam Smart Presence System first-hand. Beam is transforming human interaction in our increasingly virtual world. Beam is a personal and natural way to collaborate, check in and be present no matter where you are. the space opens the Smart Presence experience to anyone visiting Palo Alto by engaging the community, and connecting long-distance family and friends via Beam.
the Beam Store is operated completely by remote staff sitting as far away as New York City and Sydney.


Walk in - Plug in - Start up at HanaHaus - at 456 University Avenue - this is one of the most amazing co-working + meeting place in the world. the air is charged – and not just with WiFi and espresso. focus, collaboration and inspiration are the only regulars here. HanaHaus is a bustling, wide-open workspace for entrepreneurs, artists, designers, thinkers, students and writers. located in the heart of Silicon Valley in the center of Palo Alto, HanaHaus occupies a physical space that’s practically hallowed ground for innovation. they believe that great ideas can spring from anywhere – as long as you nurture a confluence of fierce creativity, high-level knowledge and hard-working resources. Hanahaus is all about: coming together to meet, socialize, share ideas and connect with experts. walk in - plug in - start up.


b8ta Store - at  516 Bryant Street -      this store offers break through products, brought to you by some of the world’s most innovative companies and creators. It's a candy store for the mind.      

b8ta's mission is to make retail accessible for all, whether you're a product maker or product lover. they make launching products into physical retail simple, so more people have access to what the world's creating.


other ideas + inspirations:

A must read Designing your Life - How to build a well-lived, joyful Life                                                                                              Bill Burnett + Dave Evans. Bill Burnett is the executive director of the Stanford Design Program + cofounder of Life Design Lab, as well as well as former leader of Apple's PowerBook product line. Dave Evans is cofounder of the Stanford Design Lab, a lecturer in the Stanford Design Program - and a management consultant.