The perfect day in paradise - Breakfast

for breakfast aloha …

Soon you will come to realize that this not an ordinary travel blog filled with ideas + great places to go - it is that too, but first and foremost my goal is to get you to truly experience what living in Hawaii feels and tastes like. Life in Hawaii is extraordinary for all of our senses + Living Aloha is very special and so different than at any other place on earth.

Sharing my Hawaii with you is also is a window into my soul - and hopefully filled with inspiring thoughts that will empower you to take charge of your happiness and ultimately inspire you to live your best life. In my estimation living your best life begins with the perfect day and to break it down even further it begins with making ordinary moments extraordinary …


Sometimes I will be very specific with when to go where and what to do to get the most ahhhhhh! out of a location and fill you with a real Hawaiian experience. Most often it will mean to slow down - look + listen with your heart.

For as long as I can remember I have attempted to make every moment special - I am always tweaking the angle of my perspective until it is right and picture perfect … I change my point of view often until I like what I see - thereby elevating an ordinary moment into something more beautiful. I decided early on that life is like a movie or a safari - and that I am the director of my safari/ life - I am calling the shots - it makes me responsible for my choices, attitude, perspective and happiness and truly turns me into the boss of my life. No one to blame but me if I am unhappy - or if my day turns out to be shitty. And believe me I have my share of those too - but then I stop for a moment and ask myself: “What do I need? What is it that I really want ? What would I do if fear, money or time played no role ?” - and that self rights me - like a capsized sailboat I self right and set a new course - which usually makes me feel better instantly - and continues to move me closer to my dreams. It’s a powerful attitude to choose - try it - no time like a vacation to play with different ways to see the world or a new attitude to interpret a situation. Change your perspective until you like what you see - it works for everything. More on that when we know each other better :)


Wake up in paradise

One of most beautifying things to do while you are in Hawaii is applying fresh papaya on your face. It is how my perfect day in paradise starts before I hit the beach - I usually do it first thing in the morning … before going out chasing the sunrise. It’s my personal Hawaiian beauty ritual and will give you a glowing complexion - it works for young + old and boys and girls - your skin will love it and soak it up … oh … and no need to wash it off when leaving the house in search of the perfect sunrise.

Here is how : Have a Papaya for breakfast. Cut the papaya in half, scoop out the seeds - if you want sprinkle a little fresh squeezed lime juice on each half - eat with a spoon. Then take the leftover Papaya peel and turn it inside out - apply the juicy papaya flesh to your face and neck - it glides on easily and your skin will instantly thank you. Papaya enzyme is a powerful beautifier and will leave you radiant in an instant.

The most delicious papaya in Hawaii is a Sunrise Papaya ask for it when visiting one of our many Farmers Markets. Which brings me to the topic of shopping for breakfast in paradise. In Hawaii you need to eat all the tropical fruit you can possibly get your hands on. Your shopping list should include:

Apple Bananas - they will change the way you look at Chicita Bananas forever

Sunrise Papaya

Hayden Mango

White, low acid Pineapple

Dragon Fruit

Star Fruit


Fresh Coconut water - be careful - use a straw and avoid spills - the stains from fresh coco water are permanent on clothes

and while you are at it - get some fresh cut tropical flowers for your house - they will make your rental feel more like a home and you more like living like a local



There is always a Farmers Market somewhere on the island - but my favorite by far are the:

Hanalei Farmers Market on Saturday Morning

Kilauea Farmers Market on Saturday Morning

Waipa/Hanalei Farmers Market on Tuesday Afternoon

Lihue Kauai Community College Farmers Market on Sunday Morning

Another option is Banana Joe’s ( BJ’s) in Kilauea and the Fehring Family Fruit Stand or the Moloaa Fruit Stand in Moloaa - or any small honor style pop up fruit stand along the street - you can’t go wrong - fresh fruit are everywhere

Aloha Nui Loa


Another option is