to wander + to wonder

It is 7 am and we find ourselves sitting at the airport waiting for a connecting flight from Seattle to Denver. For weeks we've been working on creating the new website and spent hours styling for photo shoots.  We decorated tables for you on white sandy beaches and chased sunrises + sunsets all over our beautiful island of Kauai - all in pursuit of the perfect picture. Our mission is to create and capture "Kodak Moments" for you - your Kodak Moments. The days ahead had just been been planned, a newfound rhythm had finally emerged and we were getting ready for summer - the summer we are going to meet you. And then this unexpected opportunity came along and the next thing we know we are sitting on an airplane. Everything could have come to a stop, put on hold  - but while packing our bags we realized that there couldn't be a better way to start a travel blog + launch a travel business than by actually going on a journey and becoming a traveller. It changed our perspective - because we remembered your journey begins long before you leave your front door to board a flight. It begins when you have picked your destination. Not only do we like to wander - but we also want to be filled with wonder when we set out to see the world. 

To us - wander means to explore, to be out and about, to be open. It requires a willingness to leave our comfort zone in search for the unknown. To wonder means to be willing to be touched deeply within, it means to allow feelings to travel to the core of our being ... to be moved and perhaps even changed by beauty, events, people, life - to wonder has the power to inspire, to change, to re-align our perspectives and most importantly to adjust our attitude. Do you remember the days when you were little and the world was filled with wonder - everything was looked at with curiosity and no sense of time? It is that kind of attitude combined with relentless curiosity that will make us timeless, keep us youthful and forever evolving.

Come join us as we wander the world in search of wonder ... we want to live our best life and feel good. When you feel good your energy is contagious and it is the greatest gift you can give to those around you + to the world.