The perfect day in paradise - the short list

my favorite things to do + the short list

My “vacation” on Kauai is soon coming to an end and in a few days I will be heading back into my other amazing life in California - where I will be creating Culinary Adventures in breathtaking locations for my other love child company

One of these days I will tell you more about living two lives - or better living one amazing life in two locations - thousands of ocean miles apart - for now just know that I am living a charmed live and I am working on bringing the two closer together - for a super fluid lifestyle. I have never been a believer of either/or situations - and it seems I want it all - we’ll see how that story unfolds and works out…stay tuned

Back to my list - Why a shortlist? I have friends from Germany arriving on Kauai very soon, but I won’t be there to create the perfect day in paradise for them, so I decided to create a short list of my favorite places, experiences + contacts on Kauai - ingredients + tips to create the perfect day

Here is my shortlist:

  1. Shortly after your arrival go for a swim in the ocean - stay in the water for at least 30-45 minutes it will add a week of relaxation to your vacation

  2. Get a massage. Make it 1.5 hours - not a minute less! Kauai is a place of healing and we have some of the most talented body workers on the island. Ideally schedule it for the day after your arrival - it will melt away the stress you’ve been carrying around for too long. My favorite massage therapists are:

    Kim Elegado in Kilauea - phone/text: 808-482-0488 - book your appointment before you arrive a few weeks in advance - she gets booked far in advance

    Kurtis Kunesh in Princeville - phone/text: 808-651-4782 - his massages are quite an experience- he also offers sound healing - he is a wonderful man - you are safe with him - I trust him with my life and oh the aromatherapy oils he uses - heavenly!

  3. Watch every sunrise + sunset. Stay on the beach after the sun has set and marvel at the stars. Bring food and drinks - light a fire or do nothing - just sit there.

  4. Ekomomai Gift Baskets - Surprise yourself, your partner or your family with a custom Gift basket filled with Aloha and local favorites - my friend Anita is creating the most delicious, decadent one of a kind Ekomomai Baskets - E Komo Mai in Hawaii means welcome - her baskets will bring the spirit of Aloha to you and your loved ones - have it delivered to your rental before your arrival and experience what Kauai tastes like - call/text Anita 619-885-9095 instagram @Ekomomaibaskets - inquire about shipping nation wide

  5. Have a beach day - I mean stay for hours on the beach - start in the morning - bring a book - lot’s of water - soak it in - swim a lot - rest - repeat. If you decide to spend the day on the beach in Hanalei - then pick up Sushi Rolls + Poke etc from the Dolphin Fish Market - take them to the beach for lunch. Or pick up Paninis from the Hanalei Bread Company.

  6. My favorite Restaurants on the island are:

    Jo2 - Kapaa ( dinner only, reservations required)

    Hemmingway - Kapaa ( Breakfast / Lunch - and dinner but only on Fridays - Sundays I love dinner when Jana + Markus cook - they are German)

    Oasis Restaurant - Kapaa - ( lunch + dinner ) - the Fish Tacos are delicious ( Lunch) - the Thai Bowl (Dinner) - The Oasis is one of the very few ocean front restaurants - it remains an insider tip!

    The Beach House - Poipu (reservations required)

    Postcards - Hanalei - Dinner only ( reservations recommended)

    The Dolphin Restaurant - Hanalei - ( Lunch + Dinner) + Sushi Bar

    The Dolphin Fish Market - Hanalei - pick up your fresh sushi + rolls + poke here and eat on the beach for lunch - freshest fish ever !!!! This is a must for fish lovers - go early - they sell out mid day or go around 2 pm they usually bring out the second wave of fresh Sushi Rolls - You will never eat fresher fish than here

    The Kilauea Fish Market - Kilauea - on the way to the Lighthouse - great for lunch and very casual dinner

    The Winebar/Bistro - Kilauea -

    Trilogy - Coffeeshop - Kilauea

    The Hanalei Bread Co - I love the Blended Mocha + Lilikoi Rolls + their Avocado Toasts

    Bar Acuda - Hanalei - Dinner only - you need reservations

    Ama - a new Ramen place with breathtaking views of the Namolokama Mountain Range

    Tide Pools - Poipu - at the Hyatt Hotel -

    Kukui’ula Shopping Center - Poipu - has multiple nice restaurants

    Kalaheo Coffee Company - Kalaheo - great for Lunch

    Kikuchi’s Food Truck - Lihue - on Kalapaki Bay - only 10 minutes from the airport - you may want to stop here or at Dukes Barefoot Bar across the street on the ocean if your plane arrives mid day - before you head to your hotel)

  7. Hanapepe + Waimea Canyon - make time to visit the small artist town of Hanapepe - it has a few great stores and eateries and the BEST bakery with real bread ! Bear Moon Bakery ( Bread also available at Saturday Farmers Market in Kilauea - Evan and his wife do exactly what I did 28 years ago when I had my Vollkorn Bakery on Kauai and sold bread at all the Farmers Markets. Stop in Hanapepe on your way up or down from the Waimea Canyon + Koke’e. Check for Friday Art Market

  8. Here is some very important information before you visit the Na Pali Coast, Ke’e Beach, Haena. You need a parking + hiking permit or a reservation to go to Haena, Ke’e Beach, Kalalau Trail etc go to - you must have this - or they will turn you around - parking at Haena Beach Park and Limahuli Garden is available without permit, but is limited. Another option is the new North Shore Shuttle - it works great and helps to reduce the endless traffic to the end of the road

  9. Watch Taylor Camp the movie - now in it’s newest release “The Edge of Paradise” - it’s an epic piece of North Shore Kauai hippie history - and when you drive to the end of the road to Ke’e Beach and the Na Pali coast you will be parking at Taylor Camp - Note: instead of walking the Boardwalk to the beach wander thru Taylor Camp, there is small path at the edge of the trees/parkinglot - take it and follow it - eventually you will end up on the beach. Once on the beach turn left and walk along the shore to Ke’e Beach - walking to Ke’e from here will present you with the most dramatic view of the entire Na Pali Coast Line

  10. Hike at least the first 10 minutes of the Kalalau Trail to the first look out - or venture on and hike to the waterfall - remember that you must have permits - bring water and food and good footwear - this is a day trip - your shoes will get very dirty and may never recover from the red dirt - this hike is at times strenuous

  11. Visit Limahuli Gardens (Tue - Sat) it is magical

  12. Go to Stone Dam in Kilauea. Park at the end of Kuava Rd and walk for 10-15 minutes - the Garden of Eden awaits - pack a lunch picnic (pick up Fish wraps from Kilauea Fish market - I love the Ahi or Ono Wrap - something to drink and take it with you - you will thank me! This is a short adventure 2 hrs or so … afterwards visit the Kilauea Lighthouse and and have coffee at Trilogy or the Kilauea Bakery in Kilauea - also on the way to the Lighthouse stop at Kong Lung shops and walk across the street to the cool shops in the stone buildings - if you are fresh juice person - stop at Kauai Juice for their outrageously delicious Mango Kombucha

  13. The best Surf School is located in Hanalei - Hanalei Beach Boys next to the epic Tahiti Nui Restaurant. Mitch - Scott and David are the best teachers ever - if you follow their instructions you will surf in no time

  14. Spend a day in Hanalei and ride bicycles - yes all of you - park your car at Ching Young Shopping Center where you can rent bikes at Pedal + Paddle and explore Hanalei - the Bay - Weke Road - the Hanalei Pier - Pine Trees - go swimming on the beach - it’ll make you feel like a local. Around lunch time ride your bike to pick up Sushi Rolls from The Hanalei Dolphin Fish Market or Panini’s from The Hanalei Bread Co - or from one of the Food Trucks - then ride back to the beach - sit at a picnic table at Pine Trees and enjoy a delicious lunch. In the afternoon go shopping in the many cute stores - Havaiki - Sandpeople - Hanalei Surf Shop - On the Road to Hanalei - Hula Girl - I love Hanalei - are some of my favorites. Hanalei is most charming beach town and best explored on a bicycle - bike to the picturesque Green Waioli Church and make sure to go in the back to look at the Mission House - even if it’s not open. Remember to take in the view of the majestic Namolokama Mountain Range from the Hanalei Pier - or ride your bike to Hanalei School and count the waterfalls that create the back drop for this wonderful school - your kids will beg you to stay and enroll them into this school

  15. Have a Lappert’s Ice cream - try the Macadamia Nut Chocolate Cone with any of their ice creams - I love Auntie Lilikoi + Kauai Lava Java (multiple locations on island)

  16. Fly helicopter! I love the the Helicopter Company that flies out of Princeville take a mid morning tour - this will take your breath away. book the long tour it’s worth every penny

  17. The best Beaches - always go to the beach in the mornings and explore in the afternoons - please always be safe and check for waves and conditions - take the ocean serious and never turn your back to the ocean

    Tunnels Beach - great with kids especially in summer when flat

    Little Lumahai - past Waikoko’s just outside of Hanalei on the way to Haena - not always safe for swimming

    Hanalei Bay - life guards - great with kids

    Secret Beach - be very careful- dangerous surf - steep, long hike but worth it! Not ideal for swimming but very beautiful -

    Rockquarry Beach Kilauea - off Wailapa Road - no lifeguard

    Kealia Beach - go to the far left corner for a somewhat protected cove - beware of submerged rocks close to the shore in some portions of the beach

    Salt Pond - Hanapepe ( stop here after your trip to the Waimea Canyon and unwind and soak in the water- safe with kids

    Lydgate Park - very protected snorkeling for kids

  18. Hindu Temple - visit the temple - it is an hour of peaceful tranquility! Make sure to check for their visiting hours - on the way to the temple you will pass Opaekaa Falls and Hawaiian Village were Outbreak was filmed … Go kayaking on the Wailua afterwards - this is an easy Kayak Adventure and fine with kids!

  19. Hike Sleeping Giant - followed by a swim at Lydgate Park in Wailua - after that explore the shops in Kapaa - ok with kids

  20. Kayak the Wailua River start at Kamokila Hawaiian Village - on the way you will see the Opaeka’a Waterfall

  21. Kayak the Na Pali Coast - but please note - this is not for wimps! This is a strenuous all day adventure - this is only for people who don’t get sea sick and are in good shape

  22. Take a boat/snorkel trip down the Na Pali coast - start from the North Shore for a more dramatic coastline - I love North Shore Charters in Kilauea - they have a Zodiak that leaves from Anini Beach. Or any of the boats that leave from Hanalei. Take the early morning tour! Again this is only for those who don’t get sea sick

  23. Best Hula Show - Smith Family in Wailua ( skip the Luaau Dinner) - just see the show

  24. Stand Up Paddle at Anini Beach - check with Mark Andre at ph/text: 808-647-0082 - he will take you to the dolphins and turtles on a calm day in the summer

  25. Swim with turtles at Anini Beach - Kilauea - go early in the morning - the sunrise will be magnificent follow with a day in Hanalei ( no need to stay at Anini all day)

  26. Buy fruit at the Farmers Market and try Dante’s Barefoot Chocolates at the Kilauea Market on Saturday - tell him I said hi! - he might give you extra chocolate - learn about his super food products - they are delicious + healthy - his dogs name is Romeo

The perfect day in paradise - Rainbows

Rain means rainbows


It rains a lot in Hawaii, but here the rain is warm and enjoyable - and it usually is passing very quickly - one downpour can drench you and it might look as if the sun will never come back - but the truth is - she will. And when she does she rarely comes alone - be ready for rainbows wherever you go. Have your camera ready. Always close your windows + convertible tops of your car - run for cover - wait a few minutes and enjoy the blessing.

IMG_9565 2.jpg

Have fun chasing rainbows,


IMG_9099 4.jpg

The perfect day in paradise - be hippie

Take off your fancy clothes and become a hippie


Forget everything. Take of your fancy clothes - wrap a sarong around your hips, wear flip flops and bikini top - it doesn’t matter if your body is perfect - it’s liberating. Just have some fun and feel sexy again. free spirited. unbounded. and spend as much time in the ocean as you possibly can - it washes away all worries + concerns. You body is over 80% salt water by soaking in the ocean you are rebalancing + recharging + healing.

Have fun being hippie,



The perfect day in paradise - walk

walk the bay and have a conversation with yourself

Hanalei Bay … Today I walked the Bay and on the way back I remembered the power + importance of silence and alone time - the feeling of communing with nature and God, the Universe or whatever you want to call it. I walked thru the initial fog of my rampant thoughts and mind chatter - and realized how calming and powerful it is to go for a barefoot walk by myself … just you, the ocean, your naked toes, the sand and your thoughts. Hanalei Bay is perfect for that - no snakes, no rocks, firm sand and palm trees swaying in the wind.

Start at Pine Trees Parking lot off He’e Road and walk to the Hanalei pier. At the pier walk out on it and stay for a while inhaling the breathtaking expanse of Namolokama Range - stop, look and wonder!

After your walk enjoy a delicious treat at Wishing Well in Hanalei - they created this logo and have the coolest shirts and hats to take home to keep reminding you. Thank you Wishing Well!

After your walk enjoy a delicious treat at Wishing Well in Hanalei - they created this logo and have the coolest shirts and hats to take home to keep reminding you. Thank you Wishing Well!

The natural beauty will take your breath away. My favorite time for this walk is early in the morning and around sunset time - times photographers call the Golden Hour.

I have to admit I am one of those people that can have a lively conversation with myself while walking the bay. It seems the longer I walk the livelier the conversation becomes and it usually ends up with me getting closer to my dreams again, remembering what great things I still want to do. I am always coming up with the best ideas + solutions of how to really do some of those things that I keep kicking along on the road of: “one of those days when I have time” … let’s stop kicking and start walking in to the life you dreamed of. It is waiting for you…

Have a great walk


IMG_7016 2.jpg

Other great places for a walk on the North Shore are Tunnels Beach and Haena Beach Park to Ke’e Beach. Keep reading …


Haena Beach Park to Ke’e Beach - park at the Beach park and facing the ocean walk to the left - away from the crowds - you have to climb over a few rocks and wade thru a small stream, nothing to crazy especially in the summer, but not save in the winter when we get big swells! When you turn the final corner the majestic Na Pali Coast with take your breath away. And if you time it right - the sun will set as you get there


The Perfect day in paradise - MilkyWay Serenade

make a playlist with Hawaiian Music

When packing your bags before coming to the islands make sure to include a blue tooth speaker and create a Hawaiian music playlist. Music will elevate your experience while exploring the island or when chilling on the beach after the sun has set. Bringing an ukulele to the beach is wonderful too if you know how to play … if not drop in beginners lessons are available in Hanalei at Strings + Things in the Ching Young Shopping Center.

Hanalei Bay Sunset from Kapuna Road in Princeville

Hanalei Bay Sunset from Kapuna Road in Princeville

Hanalei Bay

Hanalei Bay

Hanalei Bay

Hanalei Bay

Head to the beach for sunset, bring your beach chairs and something to drink. Light a bon fire if you feel adventurous - but even without a fire - there is nothing like a Hawaiian starry night on the beach. After the sun has set and most people left the beach simply remain seated + stay … you will soon be sitting under the MilkyWay and there is nothing more relaxing or awe-inspiring than sitting on the beach, looking at the stars, and waiting for night to fall. If you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to hit play on your music device

Haena Beach Park - the little beach to the left over the rocks

Haena Beach Park - the little beach to the left over the rocks

Since we are located so close to the equator it gets dark very quickly in the islands - shortly after the sun has set the first stars begin to illuminate the sky. And before you know it it is pitch black. Bring a flash light ( they make great gifts) - small pocket Hawaiian style LED lights can be bought at any ABC Store in Kalapaki Bay or Kapaa. Or at my other favorite Whalers General Store in Poipu and Anahola. Both sell also super cool Hawaiian Beach Towels!

Tunnels Beach also known as Makua in Hawaiian + Bali Hai or Makana Mountain

Tunnels Beach also known as Makua in Hawaiian + Bali Hai or Makana Mountain

Any beach will do for stargazing - but Ke’e, Tunnels, Haena Beach Park, the little beach across the rocks to the left of Haena Beach Park and Hanalei Bay and the famous Hanalei Pier are epic, ideal, safe and easy to access.


Make it a habit while you are in Hawaii to watch every sunrise and every sunset, not only will it reset your inner clock and slow down your heart rate it will also make you feel like a local. After 28 years I am still heading out watch every sunset I can.

Insider Tip - look for the green flash. As the very last rays of the sun disappear on the horizon you can sometimes see a green flash. Consider yourself lucky if you see it. And if you stay out long enough into the night you might also see Moonbows - yes, they do exist!

PS: You are never to old to go skinny dipping. Now is the time. It is liberating !!! - You will feel so giddy + happy that you did. Forget that you are a mom, dad, grandma etc - be wild - go skinny dipping. And maybe, just maybe the water will glow while you have a splash.

Here are some of my favorite Hawaiian tunes:

Kamaka Kukona - Album Hanu A’ala - Song Hanu A’ala

Josh Tatofi - Album Pua Kiele - Song - Ku’u Leo Aloha + Melia

Hapa - Album World - Song Ku’u Lei, Ku’u Ipo

Duke Kamoku + His Islanders - Album - Golden Hawaiian Hits

Dennis Pavao - Song - Hanalei Moon

Makana - Album - Ki Ho’alu - Song - Ku’ulei ‘ Awapuhi

Keali’i Reichel

IZ Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

Willie K. Oh holy night (the most beautiful rendition of this Christmas Classic)

Nani - Aloha ‘Oe

Makaha Sons

Amy Hanaiali’i Gilliom - Aloha No Kalakaua + Palehua

If you haven’t already download the Shazam App - sometimes you hear a song on the radio and need to know what it is - voila - hit Shazam and you’ll know and it automatically saves it into your library.

Aloha Nui Loa,


The perfect day in paradise - Breakfast

for breakfast aloha …

Soon you will come to realize that this not an ordinary travel blog filled with ideas + great places to go - it is that too, but first and foremost my goal is to get you to truly experience what living in Hawaii feels and tastes like. Life in Hawaii is extraordinary for all of our senses + Living Aloha is very special and so different than at any other place on earth.

Sharing my Hawaii with you is also is a window into my soul - and hopefully filled with inspiring thoughts that will empower you to take charge of your happiness and ultimately inspire you to live your best life. In my estimation living your best life begins with the perfect day and to break it down even further it begins with making ordinary moments extraordinary …


Sometimes I will be very specific with when to go where and what to do to get the most ahhhhhh! out of a location and fill you with a real Hawaiian experience. Most often it will mean to slow down - look + listen with your heart.

For as long as I can remember I have attempted to make every moment special - I am always tweaking the angle of my perspective until it is right and picture perfect … I change my point of view often until I like what I see - thereby elevating an ordinary moment into something more beautiful. I decided early on that life is like a movie or a safari - and that I am the director of my safari/ life - I am calling the shots - it makes me responsible for my choices, attitude, perspective and happiness and truly turns me into the boss of my life. No one to blame but me if I am unhappy - or if my day turns out to be shitty. And believe me I have my share of those too - but then I stop for a moment and ask myself: “What do I need? What is it that I really want ? What would I do if fear, money or time played no role ?” - and that self rights me - like a capsized sailboat I self right and set a new course - which usually makes me feel better instantly - and continues to move me closer to my dreams. It’s a powerful attitude to choose - try it - no time like a vacation to play with different ways to see the world or a new attitude to interpret a situation. Change your perspective until you like what you see - it works for everything. More on that when we know each other better :)


Wake up in paradise

One of most beautifying things to do while you are in Hawaii is applying fresh papaya on your face. It is how my perfect day in paradise starts before I hit the beach - I usually do it first thing in the morning … before going out chasing the sunrise. It’s my personal Hawaiian beauty ritual and will give you a glowing complexion - it works for young + old and boys and girls - your skin will love it and soak it up … oh … and no need to wash it off when leaving the house in search of the perfect sunrise.

Here is how : Have a Papaya for breakfast. Cut the papaya in half, scoop out the seeds - if you want sprinkle a little fresh squeezed lime juice on each half - eat with a spoon. Then take the leftover Papaya peel and turn it inside out - apply the juicy papaya flesh to your face and neck - it glides on easily and your skin will instantly thank you. Papaya enzyme is a powerful beautifier and will leave you radiant in an instant.

The most delicious papaya in Hawaii is a Sunrise Papaya ask for it when visiting one of our many Farmers Markets. Which brings me to the topic of shopping for breakfast in paradise. In Hawaii you need to eat all the tropical fruit you can possibly get your hands on. Your shopping list should include:

Apple Bananas - they will change the way you look at Chicita Bananas forever

Sunrise Papaya

Hayden Mango

White, low acid Pineapple

Dragon Fruit

Star Fruit


Fresh Coconut water - be careful - use a straw and avoid spills - the stains from fresh coco water are permanent on clothes

and while you are at it - get some fresh cut tropical flowers for your house - they will make your rental feel more like a home and you more like living like a local



There is always a Farmers Market somewhere on the island - but my favorite by far are the:

Hanalei Farmers Market on Saturday Morning

Kilauea Farmers Market on Saturday Morning

Waipa/Hanalei Farmers Market on Tuesday Afternoon

Lihue Kauai Community College Farmers Market on Sunday Morning

Another option is Banana Joe’s ( BJ’s) in Kilauea and the Fehring Family Fruit Stand or the Moloaa Fruit Stand in Moloaa - or any small honor style pop up fruit stand along the street - you can’t go wrong - fresh fruit are everywhere

Aloha Nui Loa


Another option is

The perfect day in paradise - Dawn

morning has broken …

The perfect day in paradise starts around 5.30 AM when dawn and birds announce the morning - it is the most magical time of day … to hear and feel what sunrise in paradise sounds like please follow us on instagram @acaliforniaadventure



The view from our house on Queen Emma’s Bluff in Princeville

The view from our house on Queen Emma’s Bluff in Princeville

The 2 best places to watch the sun rise over the ocean are Kealia Beach and Anini Beach. Kealia is located in Kapaa on the east side of the island - Anini Beach is located on the North Shore.

Kealia Beach

Kealia Beach

Anini Beach

Anini Beach

Kealia Beach

Kealia Beach

As it turns out Kealia is also the best place to watch the moon rise on full moon nights. If you are lucky enough to be on the island when the moon is full let me tell you that you don’t want to miss out on that! If the moon rise happens around dinner time The Oasis Restaurant in Kapaa or the Beach House in Poipu are my favorite choices.

If you find yourself waking up on the North Shore of Kauai in Hanalei or Princeville - and don’t feel like driving 30 minutes to Kealia- then Anini Beach is the perfect place to be. It is nice to know that it’s real name is Wanini Beach - but the “W ” fell off the sign years ago, and no one thought of putting it back up so the name Anini stuck…. pack your fins and snorkel gear when heading to Anini - before you know it you will find yourself swimming with turtles ( Hawaiian word Honu ) and on very rare occasions with little sea horses.

And if you are super lucky it will rain while you are in the water, when that happens consider yourself blessed and put your head under water, dive in and listen to the raindrops hitting the water it is an amazing sound - and while underwater look up - and watch the raindrops dance on the water’s surface. When you come up for air look for the rainbows. For those remaining on land have your camera ready!

Sunrise swim at Anini Beach

Sunrise swim at Anini Beach

Sunrise swim at Anini Beach

Sunrise swim at Anini Beach

Hanalei Bay Pine Trees

Hanalei Bay Pine Trees

Waking up in paradise is one of the most magical experiences - it’s the perfect opportunity to reset our busy lives and slow down. Take time to breathe, leave your phone at home and follow the sun.

Oh…. and tune your radio to KKCR 90.9 FM the local community radio and listen to Hawaiian Music on Monday - Friday from 6-11 AM. And Sundays from 3 - 5 PM.

At 7 AM sharp take a moment and enjoy Hawai’i Pono’i it was the National Anthem of Hawaii - (1876-1898) - when Hawaii was a sovereign state. Composed by His Majesty King David Kalakaua in 1876 honoring King Kamehameha I, the founder of the Hawaiian Kingdom in 1810. It now is the regional anthem or state song.

Together let’s chase sunrise and rainbows.

With much Aloha,


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to wander + to wonder

It is 7 am and we find ourselves sitting at the airport waiting for a connecting flight from Seattle to Denver. For weeks we've been working on creating the new website and spent hours styling for photo shoots.  We decorated tables for you on white sandy beaches and chased sunrises + sunsets all over our beautiful island of Kauai - all in pursuit of the perfect picture. Our mission is to create and capture "Kodak Moments" for you - your Kodak Moments. The days ahead had just been been planned, a newfound rhythm had finally emerged and we were getting ready for summer - the summer we are going to meet you. And then this unexpected opportunity came along and the next thing we know we are sitting on an airplane. Everything could have come to a stop, put on hold  - but while packing our bags we realized that there couldn't be a better way to start a travel blog + launch a travel business than by actually going on a journey and becoming a traveller. It changed our perspective - because we remembered your journey begins long before you leave your front door to board a flight. It begins when you have picked your destination. Not only do we like to wander - but we also want to be filled with wonder when we set out to see the world. 

Sunrise from the airplane

Sunrise from the airplane

To us - wander means to explore, to be out and about, to be open. It requires a willingness to leave our comfort zone in search for the unknown. To wonder means to be willing to be touched deeply within, it means to allow feelings to travel to the core of our being ... to be moved and perhaps even changed by beauty, events, people, life - to wonder has the power to inspire, to change, to re-align our perspectives and most importantly to adjust our attitude. Do you remember the days when you were little and the world was filled with wonder - everything was looked at with curiosity and no sense of time? It is that kind of attitude combined with relentless curiosity that will make us timeless, keep us youthful and forever evolving.

Come join us as we wander the world in search of wonder ... we want to live our best life and feel good. When you feel good your energy is contagious and it is the greatest gift you can give to those around you + to the world.