inspire. wonder. celebrate



at the Hanalei Event Company we believe that we are meant to wander in wonder. we believe that doing something for the first time at any age is what keeps all of us youthful + healthy. we believe that feeling good is the key ingredient to a well- lived and joyful life. we believe that one should celebrate often - the small moments and the milestones. to us celebrating life means making things special. special is often found in the smallest, simplest detail. a smile, a flower, candles ... there are so many ways to decorate a moment

today's life has gotten incredibly hectic and stressful and we often loose sight of what matters the most. our calendars and inboxes are overflowing and we are stretched to the max. we cope by working harder and longer ... until one day we have forgotten what it feels like to feel good. there is no better time than a vacation to get that feeling back. to reconnect with ourselves and those we love

our mission is to inspire you to feel good + to slow you down + to help you to create the summer a lifetime. "wait" you might think right about now - "what a bunch of poppycock" - but we are serious - while "feeling good" may sound very simple, lofty + fluffy - the truth is - harnessing the feeling of good is something far reaching - with the potential of touching every aspect of your life, work, family and community. the math we apply looks like this: when you feel good you are happy.  when you are happy you will go to work with more energy and a positive "can do" attitude. instead of just surviving you will be able to find creative + innovative solutions to any problem. innovation + creativity are the future currency of marketable talent. employers today are looking to ignite the creative power of their people + they are paying big money for it

back to our math: instead of just surviving your workday, your feeling good will spark more success + equip you with priceless tools to find fresh solutions at work. it will allow you to go home a happier, more energetic person. as you begin to feel better at home and at work, you will start making healthier choices for yourself. you see, it is an upward spiral. eventually your personal tank will be full and you will start reaching out - you will think beyond yourself - you will begin to inspire those around you - you will start looking for causes to get involved in to make the world a better place. when you feel good we all win!  

so basically we believe that we can change the world - one decorated moment at a time

come join us!