About nikki

Decorating moments seems to have come naturally to me - I have always been the dreamer + the seeker of beauty - the one who walks thru the world in wonder - sees possibility instead of reality - the one who wants to make everything better, more beautiful. It was already there when I was a little girl. When I was taking my friends to sunset picnics instead of the disco - when I hung my first chandelier from a tree and set the table in the forest with candle lights and mom's real silverware. We would drink Coca Cola from fine wine glasses and watch the sun set from mountain tops. It has always been there - the need to find and feel beauty. And as far as I can remember I always wanted to make moments special.

You see...when something comes natural to you - you think nothing of it - you think everyone has it - until one day you realize that they don't. Now, instead of fighting it I choose to celebrate it  + realize the power behind it - and maybe with some luck I can become the one who inspires, entertains and uplifts.

Shooting Stars vs. Planets
Some of us are lucky and know exactly who they are and what they want out of life - they set a goal and go for it - no detours, no delays. They are reliable and stable - just like planets that circle in the universe. then there is the crazy ones - the ones who have to feel their way thru life. The ones who may never arrive or fit into a box. At nikki west we call them the shooting stars - bringing wonder + joy to ordinary moments.

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